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Hello users. Please feel to look around in my gallery. I have artworks separated into their own folders. So anything specific should be in it's right folder. More will be made as the number of said artwork in it's mixes or various arts increases, for a better more organized way to help users find what they need, when they need it. I'm a veteran resource collector and I've helped 3-5 gfx forums in my history to collect and amass resources. My mission here is quite similar. Enjoy the gallery!


Users I have faved! You can find your art here randomly. But as time progresses I feel the need to organize as well. But until then, here are my random favs!


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John Madverick
The power I was given, is to proof that anything is achievable through practice and adaptation.

-Elpida (John Madverick)
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Hello There

Welcome To My Update

Hey fellas. Here's my new journal in which I'll give you a heads up of what's happening next.

First off the requests.

*Aldra Panels
*Aldra Lineart
*OC Coloring

Okay. So I'm almost done filling my requests. Slow I know, but it's sure to land any time soon. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you all know via notes when I've made some important progress. The next thing I'll notify is that, all my requests will be uploaded via stash and then directly send it to the user who made the request. Here's another note: Each upload in the stash will last a month so either you get the time to download or just view it or whatever you need to do. 

-What I will do though is that, when ever I take a request. I'll write a journal (I'll start the habit) to have request there as a reminder. Like I did right above, starting with: *
Now remember, I will not upload requests to my gallery, only to the stash. As for hentai sorts, I'll upload them at my tumblr account. About my tumblr, please check out the following journal:

My Tumblr Acc. Journal

! This is important !

If you are willing to request me for something, please read this journal:

How To Request Journal

Note: I do not do commissions, I do requests.

Alright that's it for requests. Now, on to the other business.
So I have a lot of linearts. I mostly have trouble deciding which to paint first. So I thought I'd make a journal in which I will suggest the lines to be painted and you'd help me choose which one should I paint first. I know I have my own preferences. But trust me, sometimes it's tough to choose among so many good choices despite my priority preference. So if you agree with this idea, just let me know in the comment section if you would like to help out. However this decision depends on the amount of people who like the idea. Otherwise I won't continue with the idea and just try to choose on my own.

Okay guys that's it for this journal. Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with me. I know that I must be a total drag. Ha ha ^^'

Before closing this, I wanna let you know that I have yet broken another goal:

600+ Deviations!

Thank you for your support

Thanks again guys!

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redhitterman Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer
Thanks for the watch!
I appreciate it La la la la 
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Got it.
Jachan19 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Oh okay. thanks! :D
You are a lifesaver! X3
I will add a text of your name as a credit for doing it. :)
I can handle the group-arraging, actually. just remove their background is hard (but lazy for me to focus)... so that's where you come in, XP
Okay, I will Note you soon. :)
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Me? Charge money? Nah.
It's probably the tools. Not sure what program you use, but it's probably the tools.
Anyway, I know what you mean by "group". It's a fun idea.
I believe I can help out, but I do it for free. I have my reasons.
Anyway, just send me a note with the links of the images.
I'll try my best. The most complex subjects to cut, are mostly CGI and Photo Portrait people and animals.
But anime or comics? That's a breeze.
You just let me know, ok?
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