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Hello users. Please feel to look around in my gallery. I have artworks separated into their own folders. So anything specific should be in it's right folder. More will be made as the number of said artwork in it's mixes or various arts increases, for a better more organized way to help users find what they need, when they need it. I'm a veteran resource collector and I've helped 3-5 gfx forums in my history to collect and amass resources. My mission here is quite similar. Enjoy the gallery!


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John Madverick
The power I was given, is to proof that anything is achievable through practice and adaptation.

-Elpida (John Madverick)
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Welcome To A New Update Journal

Hi, hello and welcome! I've been away for a while and it's for only 3 main reasons:

Number one: My family and I got sick from a mosquito virus called chikugunya. The good news is that after 3 weeks we are all ok now. But the virus keeps spreading and more than half of the population from where I live have it.

Number two: I was banned! Yeah banned from deviantart for "porn" material. LOL, well I don't know your reaction but mine is that it was just plain ridiculous. XD So after a 2 week ban I'm here and I'm back finally!

Number three: Before the two above reasons I was piled up with work. And I mean the content that I have worked so hard to upload here. But Now that I've amassed a decent amount, I'll start uploading to keep your eyes busy. I'm sure some will appreciate it!

Hentai or Echi

As for the requester(s). I'm sorry to say that I cannot upload here directly anymore. So note me and tell me if you want it through email. Again, I'm sorry.

Now, because I don't wanna get banned again, I'll take that department elsewhere. Rest assured, It'll continue to go on just not here directly. I'll let you know on the next update journal about where will I be settling them.

The uploads will be slow as to one-two per day. I have to make some MAJOR back ups of my files and artworks cause I'm running out of space and I have zero dollars to go on and buy an external hard drive, even cheap ones from ebay. So I'm using the clouds accounts I've made over the past few months and make use of all of them. Still, the uploads will continue.

I want to type down here that I am helping manage facebook fan pages. But Apparently I'm doing the job myself now >_> No worries though, I can handle it. But just so you know I manage: Kakouen Myousai, Alleyne, Aldra, Nyx, Scryed Kazuma @_@ and some gamer ones. I have my own facebook page where I post some of my more technical less anime more serious kinds of art if we can call it like that. Links to each of the girl pages and to my page will be posted on the next update.

Lastly I have plans for making some resource web pages for free use. From stocks, all the way to cuts, vectors and psds. I'll tell the details on the next update as well (:

On a different note, I wanna thank you all for your support! I've gotten 30,000+ page views and still rising! The watchers are also on the rising! Be sure to check my profile out cause I'll have something special and dedicated to all of those who have supported me or at least lend me a watch or view just for " teh lolz ". XD


and wait for that thing ;]

Well, that's it for now! See-ya!

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Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner 16 hours ago
That sounds awesome :]
FacelessVixen Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Yeah, there are a lot of places where you can take the basic idea of female ecchi female characters and music.

Thought of this just now: An animation of Kakouen versus Kan'u in a guitar solo duel.
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, I see. Those also sound pretty cool to add to your project. 
Time will tell. But I gotta admit that I'm thrilled to see Kakouen as a lead. 
FacelessVixen Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Filmographer
I actually have a more serious idea. I would like to work on myself but I lack the drawing ability. It's inline with my ongoing Faceless Vixens, ecchi plus death metal, project (of which the AMV portion is on hiatus again since putting out the trailer shot my processor a little due to being overworked, and I get one blue screen a death a month due to one iffy RAM module, and I can build a desktop PC that is slightly faster than my laptop for $300 and continue to go down the PC upgrading path until I have more high end parts). Making composites of the girls with album art has been working out, but I would like to open it up a little and add some traditional drawings and paintings to the mix as well. rondrigo-alex does exactly what I have in mind in terms of making the girls into metal musicians, but like you and I when it comes to traditional work, his work can use some refining as well. So my visions are huge undertakings in more ways than just skill.

But as far as Kakouen goes in terms of this project, she's a part of my ideal five person secondary lineup as a guitarist (either lead or rhythm depending on what song I have in mind) along with Moutoku (vocals), Shiba'i (guitar [especially since it's canon]), Ten'i (drums) and Bunwa (bass)
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
As a token of my appreciation. I will follow up on that Kakouen idea, for the future.
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