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Hello users. Please feel free to look around in my gallery. I have artworks separated into their own folders. So anything specific should be in it's right folder. More will be made as the number of said artwork in it's mixes or various arts increases, for a better more organized way to help users find what they need, when they need it. I'm a veteran resource collector and I've helped 3-5 gfx forums in my history to collect and amass resources. My mission here is quite similar. Enjoy the gallery!


Users I have faved! You can find your art here randomly. But as time progresses I feel the need to organize as well. But until then, here are my random favs!


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John Madverick
The power I was given, is to proof that anything is achievable through practice and adaptation.

-Elpida (John Madverick)
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Quick Update

Hey guys. What's up?

Just wanted to let you know that my gallery received a small update. I have added a couple of new icons. Each icon represents a character. Now each may be empty, but in time I will upload images of fan arts from them. But now, it only means that I will work with those characters too.

Well, that's pretty much it. Read the previous journal here, to learn more about what I'll be doing this month.

Thanks For Reading

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FacelessVixen Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Supposedly the events leading up to Metal Gear 1 including Les Enfants Terribles and the construction of Outer Heaven. I wouldn't be surprised to see Solid and Liquid at some point with Hayter and Atkin Downes voicing a few lines as their respective characters.
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Something tells me it IS going to be intense.
FacelessVixen Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I want to hear more of him, though I will have to upgrade my PC. Ground Zeroes runs well on my PC given that I'm using a dual core CPU, compared to the usually recommended quad core CPUs for modern games, usually getting around 50 frames per second at 1360 x 768 with medium to high graphics settings. But the last cutscene really cuts my frame rate down to literally 1 or 2 frames a minute, so it might be a while before I get to play Phantom Pain if that in engine cutscene is any indication of how CPU intensive Phantom Pain will be.
Elpida-Wood Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
Yup. I remember back in the 90's the demo of MGS. Played it like mad. It was THE only time Hayter was ever heard. Then I played the full game, I didn't played 2 until I reached highschool and even then I played Snake Eater first because of it's new take on the environment. Still, I always thought that Naked Snake should of had a different voice actor. Much like Solidus who was the perfect clone of BB, Naked Snake should of had a different VA. But of course there's a tale behind that in the development. Anyway, Kiefer is pretty legit.
FacelessVixen Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I've never seen or heard anything about that, though I started with Snake Eater when the demo came out and just accepted Hayter as the voice of Snake. ...and got totally confused when Guns of the Patriots was coming out because Snake was super old and had an eye-patch on the wrong eye. ...Yeah. Didn't learn about Les Enfants Terribles until watching GameTrailer's Metal Gear retrospective, and I finally got around to beating Metal Gear Solid 2 about seven months ago.

But anyway. Kiefer, despite not hearing him as often as I'd like to, he helps further the notion of the Metal Gear Solid V games feeling brand new compared to the usual traits that have been with the games since MGS1, if not the original Metal Gear, and he just comes off as being an older version of Big Boss as opposed to Jack Bauer suddenly being in Metal Gear.
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